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French Larry Taylor is an individual who has made his career in the tax industry. Taylor primarily focuses on tax technology and the ways that technology can be used to help clients, including individuals and corporations, with their taxes.

Technology has changed just about everything pertaining to taxes, including the ways that companies can track their incoming and outgoing expenses, how taxes are filed, and how the IRS views tax documents and decides who to audit.

French Taylor was always interested in business and math. Immediately following high school, Taylor went to Austin College, where he received his Bachelor's degree in business and public relations.

From there, he went to the University of North Texas, where he earned his Master's degree in taxation. Once he received his degree, Taylor found work in the industry. Taylor immediately gravitated toward federal tax law, including tax accounting methods. Taylor’s career has only grown since then.

Currently, French Larry Taylor serves as a West Region Leader for KPMG's Tax Revenue Recognition division. Taylor is also a Senior Lead Partner in KPMG's Dallas Business Tax Services practice. Much of his current work revolves around the ASC740 practice.

KPMG is a global accounting company that helps clients with asset management, banking, and capital markets, energy, government, insurance, and taxation. The company is recognized as one of the big four accounting services in the world and has offices worldwide. Prior to his current position, Taylor worked in the Washington National Tax practice of KPMG where he held a position in the accounting methods department.

During the course of his career, French Taylor has spent a lot of time helping his clients, including both public and private corporations, with all of their specialized tax needs. Each company is different, and as such, the specific tax help that they need differs.

Taylor spends a lot of time working with his clients to ensure they are properly handling their taxes, while also qualifying for the deductions and tax breaks they are entitled to. Some of the routine tasks that he does include helping his clients adopt the most advantageous tax methods available to them, helping clients defer revenue and accelerate deductions, helping international companies with local, state, and country-specific tax needs, and helping with audits and examinations at the state and federal level.

French Larry Taylor has made a career helping individuals and corporations with their taxes. Technology is ever-changing, and as it changes, the technology that corporations and tax companies use also changes.

Taylor works hard to help ensure his clients are making the most of technology in an effort to help them track tax-related expenses, minimize errors and audits, and increase their tax deductions.


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